Sunshine Leads 30 Laps for Perfect Race at Randolph County Raceway

With a little bit of a break since the last USAC Race, the team was excited to hit the road and head to the Kansas City area for two great nights of USAC Sprint car racing!

Lakeside Speedway was a great track and the team was looking forward to hitting the dirt. Tyler qualified 10th for the night and went on to place 3rd in the first heat race of the evening to advance to the Feature race. Sunshine started 10th in the Feature and worked his was up 5 spots to finish in the 5th spot out of 20 cars that started the Feature.

Randolph County Raceway brought 20 cars out for Sunday night's race and the team felt better than ever at their chances to get to the front. Sunshine had a great round in qualifying, locking in the 6th spot. In the third heat of the night, Sunshine took third place and transferred to the Feature starting in the Pole position. The team was excited about starting on the pole, but wanted to remain calm and collected as Sunshine still had 30 laps ahead  to get to the checkered flag. After a rough accident with Chris Windom, after he was vying for the first place position against Sunshine, brought out the Red on lap 1, the race had a complete restart and Sunshine mentally prepared himself for the next several laps. Sunshine cruised through the rest of the race, staying at the front of the pack and landed in Victory Lane for the third time this year in the TOPP Motorsports 23c Sprint Car!

Next up: "Sprint Car Smackdown VI" at Kokomo Speedway  - Aug. 23-26

Photo credits to USAC Racing and Mark Funderburk.