Sunshine Parks It in Kokomo's Victory Lane for Kokomo Klash XI

Sunshine and the team will jump at any opportunity to hit the dirt at Kokomo Speedway! On Friday afternoon, the team headed to the speedway with a chance to get to victory lane, once again, at the Kokomo Klash XI. Tyler warmed up the 23c with the Gaerte by TOPP engine and said the track conditions felt great for a beautiful Friday night of Indiana dirt racing. 

Even though this race wasn't for points, the prestigious title for winning any special race at Kokomo always brings some competitive spirit. Tyler finished 3rd in his heat race, after a strong battle to get a transfer spot to the Feature. He started 9th in the 25 lap Feature and began working the field to make his way to the front. He strategically passed car after car, headed to the front. Finally, Sunshine landed in the 2nd place position and chased race leader Dave Darland, who had led the entire race. Just when it looked like Sunshine had conceded to a 2nd place finish, he came around turn four of the final lap with a vengence and somehow managed to catch Darland by a hair to take the first place finish for the Kokomo Klash XI! 

Next up: Sunshine and the team take on the West coast for Western World at Phoenix Speedway Nov. 3-4!